Thanks to Nick Catford of Subterranea Britannica for the above pictures.

Unfortunately I don’t have any dates for any of them aprt from the operations block on the airfield and the remaining plinths at Killard Point which were taken by me in June 2002. Two of the photographs are from a brochure produced by Ulster Radar. These have a very course printers screen and are not great quality.  I have included processed and unprocessed versions, not sure which is best. There is also a brief history from the brochure, I doubt there is any new information there, and a couple of site plans. I notice on your home page you describe the operations block at Killard Point as an R10, it was in fact an R8 similar to those at Chenies and Gailles You will find a picture of an R10 here Although you mention there was later use of the airfield you don't mention the Control & Reporting Post that was established there (see this mentions Bishopscour in the section on the Control & Reporting Post) There was a surface built bunker similar to the one at Staxton Wold (picture attached). This building is now the headquarters for the race circuit on the airfield. Nick Catford.


I was a Ground Radar fitter in the RAF and was posted to RAF Ballywooden  in 1955. This was the Radar unit with the Type 7 Mk.1 and OPs room on the airfield.It was only used by the City Of Belfast Auxiliary Squadron at weekends. RAF Bishops Court (the airfield) was on a care and maintenance basis at the time.The Rotor site at Killard Point was being built and I worked with the Marconi engineers during the installation which was just about complete by late summer 1956 when I was posted elsewhere before Killard Point became operational.

Rick Harrison

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